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What do you want today... do you need it?

Ever heard of a light therapy bar? Well, here in the Northwest sunshine is sparse in the winter months {November-March!}.

Even during the days, cloud cover and the rain hang low, making me feel claustrophobic. I meet plenty of people who suffer with depression because of the weather and these light bars provide them with an oasis of beach-like sunlight while they sit and work.

Sunlight is proven to be healthy for our bodies, not to mention it can do wonders for our mood. No one can deny that the blue skies and the warm rays just make people smile, life feels better with sunshine.

Sunshine forces us out of hibernation, beyond our comfortable spaces and cocoon-like states. The wild outdoors beckon us to come and explore and picnic, to walk barefoot on the grass, and lay on a blanket under a tree.

Indeed, we cannot argue that sunshine’s dancing gleams of heat seem to call us to come. Come outside of our cocoon and our caves.  As the sunlight melts away our fears, it brings with it the promise of new life.

Sunshine is like our tour guide into awe-inspiring adventures, it leads us out!

Thankfully, we don’t need to travel to Cape Town or Hawaii. We don’t have to wait until the summer months to find life, to find adventure.

“Whereas the sun restores natural life, God’s law restores the life of the human soul.” {Soniclight Commentary, Psalm 19}

We can bask freely in God’s Word. Like sunshine to our soul, His Word moves us beyond our cozy blankets of safety.

Like the first tulips and daffodils poking their heads out of the dirt with the turning of Spring, so God’s word illuminates our fears and conquers them with the radiance of His truth. Suddenly we find ourselves, poking our heads out, stepping into new territory with expectation.

Desperate for change, we flourish.

Ready for the unknown, we blossom.

Walking by faith, we grow.

God’s word shines bright beams of hope and courage into our desperate, dreary souls.

Each drop of His truth is like golden honey. Sweet and desirable.

We crave the Word, like we crave sunshine, because we know it will unlock the door to our first brave steps of freedom.


///Not only do I want to read and study His word, I want to stand in its warm, sometimes fiery rays of sunlight long enough to let it grow me, moving me from  crumpled up comforts, to life-giving adventures.///


Will you join me this week in allowing God’s word to penetrate us, call us, and lead us into untold adventures?

This week…Will you read God’s word like it’s the first you’ve ever opened it? Will you challenge yourself to go one step deeper? Will you carve out intentional time to get away with the Words of Truth? Will you let that Truth seep down into your being? Will you give Him space to speak? Will you embrace the new adventure He’s leading you into?

Will you let His Word be the sunshine of your soul- calling you past the temptations of comfort and into wild places of trust and abandonment?

::Won’t you join me?::
I’ll be taking my son’s nap time this week to do one thing: Spend time in the Sunshine!

{This is the 3rd part of Finding Adventure series. Part 1 is here, part 2 is here!}

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  1. angela

    This is such a lovely post … such a beautiful correlation between the invigorating warmth of sunshine and the Light of the World!


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